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integrated systems enable seamless communications across the workplace and remote working

Effective communications systems are key for every business, increasingly so with remote working and the use of video conferencing tools such as Zoom and Teams, as well as telephones be they mobile or VOIP based. We help our clients identify the most cost effective land-line or mobile technology taking into account the scalability of solution as well as speed and bandwidth.

VOIP Business telephones

Our VOIP telephony solutions offers the same feature rich experience that was previously reserved only for larger corporations with bigger budgets. But as technology advances costs reduce and these systems are now viable for smaller businesses as fully integrated solutions.

Collaboration & conferencing

Video conferencing was also once the preserve of larger organisations as it required a significant investment in expensive technologies that are now standard in most laptops. Tools such as Zoom and Teams are very cost effective to implement and can be supplemented with interactive devices and smart screens to enable collaborative working.

Distributed wifi services

With the increasing use of mobile devices in the workplace, Wi-Fi ‘dead zones’ are a bigger issue than ever. A mesh network system can help alleviate these by extending your Wi-Fi to a larger geographic area without having to run wires to each access point. Multiple Wi-Fi base stations can be implemented to function as a single system.

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case study



Adidas AG, headquartered in Germany, is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe with revenues over $22B.

The challenge

Keeping track of property maintenance inevitably becomes a bigger issue the bigger the growth of the estate. Historically, all maintenance jobs were held on disparate spreadsheets and emails which were difficult to control, track and to provide updates across various business units. Adidas reviewed all the CAFM [Computer-Aided Facility Management] systems available on the marketplace but concluded they were too complex and expensive.

The solution

Working with the UK property maintenance division, Missing Link scoped out requirements for a bespoke system. We had a working prototype up and running within just a few months, which has been fully developed and launched across Europe. We have upgraded the system and added new features to constantly improve the product on an ongoing basis.

The results

The solution has given Adidas exactly what they needed on a single platform which enables collaboration and visibility across the entire estate from stores and the maintenance division to external service providers, through to head office.

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