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our depth of experience and technical expertise extends beyond IT support

When a client asks us for help with a particular IT need outside of their support contract, we will always endeavour to find a solution. We start by researching the market to identify any potential solutions that could meet that need, as this will probably be most cost effective way to resolve the issue. We will then verify the product or partner introducing or working with them to deliver a solution that integrates with rest of the client’s technologies as appropriate.

Sometimes there isn’t anything on the market that does meet that requirement, at this point most IT service providers will apologise to their client and say ‘sorry, computer says no.’ But at Missing Link we’ve tackled those challenges head on and frequently developed bespoke solutions, with hardware, software and both combined, to provide working solutions with considerable success.

Take a look at some of our case studies:

Adidas CAFM - we developed a bespoke property maintenance system for Adidas’s UK estate and then rolled it out across Europe.
York Races - we developed a digital signage solution for York Races which was also implemented at Blackburn Rovers
JJB Sports PLC - we installed a network of 750 touch screen kiosks across the UL and Ireland
Tesco - working with partner Wiliot we implemented their powerless Bluetooth technologies into Tesco’s crates

IT consulting services

As part of the delivery of these projects, a thorough consultancy and requirements scoping exercise is needed to fully understand the requirement and design an appropriate solution. With the advantage of over 25 years of experience, we are also engaged in purely advisory capacity to provide consultancy services to our clients.

Infrastructure projects

Our ‘can do’ approach and experience has enabled us to design and deliver many infrastructure projects of varying scales. Again, we’re always willing to help our clients find the best solution, including building it!

IoT, RFID & Bluetooth

We are always happy to embrace new technologies, in fact we actively pursue it. This has led us, for example, to implement Wiliot’s RFID technology into Tesco’s packing crates so that they can be tracked. Lost crates actually costs the business several million pounds a year so being able to track them generates real value. See Tesco case study.

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